Pardot Email Code for Beginners

Learn how to code alongside email development expert Gary Brown. 

Includes a free email template for you to download, amend and use. 

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Learn to edit email 

It can take years to become a competent email developer but those who are required to work with Pardot email templates are either disinclined to learn or lack the time. This course is designed to help non-coding students produce stunning email templates within Pardot. We will teach you how to get the most out of the Pardot editor in as little time as possible.

Within the course you will learn how to use our custom master template to create different emails using the minimal amount of HTML & CSS coding.
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Course Contents

Gary Brown

Gary has designed and developed Pardot email templates for over a decade. He has worked with countless marketers who have been thrown into amending email templates, often against their will.. Gary's goal has always been to help marketers to code without forcing them to become fully fledged developers. 

Over time, Gary has developed a plethora of techniques to help marketers spend less time on code and more time creating marketing campaigns that truly connect with people.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Pardot Expert Bundle

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Customisable and Responsive Email Template

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As part of the course we include a responsive email template that you will be able to amend and use!