Pitstop 1

Knowing One's Way Around

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Welcome to MarCloud's Pardot on-demand training course! First things first, let's take you on a Pardot tour to show you where things are. Pitstop 1 will help you navigate your org like a pro - understand as an admin what to look out for and where to access all the amazing features Pardot has to offer.

Features covered 

The Pardot Lightning app
The Lightning tab mirrors the Salesforce Lightning Experience, replacing Pardot’s ‘Classic’ interface. As a user you won’t need to leave Salesforce Lightning to access Pardot, therefore increasing productivity. 
Marketing calendar
This is a great way to collaborate with other members of your organisation. We will show you the many benefits of using a calendar, from clear visibility over what needs to be done and when to account hygiene.
Pardot dashboard 
Your dashboard is the first thing you'll see when you log in to Pardot. From here, you can get a high-level overview of your notifications, active prospects, and more. We’ll take you through all the important things to know when it comes to the dashboard, and what to watch out for to ensure you’re always on top of things. 
Account settings and profile
Admins can control settings for the entire Business Unit. Discover what settings are available to control, how to review the usage limit of your organisation, and much more. 
Pardot specialist training

Benefits of Pardot Training On-Demand

Sign up on-demand

Sign up whenever you like to start being drip-fed a new pitstop every week that will get you up to speed on all things Pardot (MCAE).
 There are 10 pitstops in total!

Targeted pitstops

Our pitstops are focused on job roles and cover everything you need to know about Pardot for the job you have/want. Know that your learnings apply to your role.

Your own Pardot support

Run into a Pardot challenge? Dip into the course whenever you like and recap a video or ask a question to the community.

Join a community

Join a community where you can engage with course peers and ask questions directly on our interactive platform.

Get approved by MarCloud

At the end of the course your skills will be tested and we will provide you with a certificate to add to your portfolio! Add your new skills to your CV.

Automation experts

You're learning from the best Pardot talent in the space. Our certified experts have years of marketing automation experience and will help you become a better Pardot power user.
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