Pitstop 8

The Life of a Marketing Operations Manager Pt.2

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Pitstop 8 builds on knowledge shared prior and looks at one of the most powerful features: the Pardot Engagement Studio. We'll demonstrate how marketers use automation tools to nurture leads better, boost sales revenue, improve engagement rates, and improve marketing productivity.

Features covered

Pardot automation
From content creation to organisation, marketing automation is all about streamlining your marketing processes. In this pitstop, we will take you through Pardot features in terms of automation and provide tips for how each one can be used. We’ll explore Automation Rules, Completion Actions (including conditional ones!), and more automation within Pardot.

Engagement Studio 
Engagement Studio was built to supersede linear drip programs and allow for a new approach to lead nurturing. It enables you to build highly intelligent workflows using a user-friendly canvas that bears a resemblance to the New York subway map.To fully utilise the benefits of a Pardot Engagement Studio, you must first grasp the basics of how it works, which we will take you through in this pitstop.
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