Pitstop 3

The Life of a Pardot Campaign Manager

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Pitstop 3 builds on your solid Pardot foundations to ensure your org is ready to lead successful campaigns that you are able to accurately report on as a Pardot campaign manager.

Features covered

The way we use Pardot folders can mean the difference between an organised, well-oiled marketing machine and an unruly mess of assets. In this pitstop, we will explore Pardot folders in more detail and what you need to consider when using folders.
Connected Campaigns
These align Pardot campaigns with Salesforce campaigns, which means there’s complete alignment for your reporting across both systems. We will discuss the many benefits of this connection and best practices for setting up campaigns, which ties in nicely with having a comprehensive campaign hierarchy in place.
List management 
There are five types of lists that exist in Pardot and we will walk through each one and most importantly, how to manage them for your campaigns.
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