Pitstop 9

Introduction to Sales Cloud for Marketers

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Pitstop 9 delves into the world of Sales Cloud. Pardot is a Salesforce product and using the Lightning experience, we will cover the Sales Cloud basics for Pardot marketers.

Features covered

Understanding Sales Cloud Data Architect
For marketing, whether you’re setting up custom objects to sync with Salesforce or trying to fix sync errors, it’s fundamental as marketers to understand the Sales Cloud Architect basics as this will help equip you with the knowledge to implement requirements, plus be well informed when discussing with your Salesforce administrators. 

Historically, Pardot admins required Salesforce admins to apply marketing configurations in the Sales Cloud org, but now we can create a custom permission set in Salesforce to delegate Pardot tasks to a marketing admin. In this pitstop, we will take you on a tour of what this looks like and the benefits you have as a marketer having Pardot setup nodes in Salesforce via Marketing Setup. 

Object management 
Being able to sync objects between Salesforce and Pardot is one of the biggest selling points of this tool as it allows you to target prospects in real-time whilst ensuring the data is synced and up to date with the CRM. We’ll delve into the standard objects that sync between Salesforce and Pardot, which are read-only, and how to connect Salesforce custom objects with Pardot. 

Setup and rule management
This is all about understanding Salesforce’s rule management tools for record types. We’ll delve into the object, Business Unit, import process and default lead record types. We’ll discuss how they work and the things to consider as a Pardot admin. 

External Activities
Using data points from third-party applications was made a whole lot more realistic with the introduction of External Activities, and soon marketers will be able to not only call from but call out to external platforms in automations. For example, a step in your Engagement Studio program could be to register a prospect for a webinar on an external platform. This will also make it much easier to integrate with solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange.
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