10 Pitstops that will get you certified.

Setting up a new Pardot User

Watch this video taken from our Pardot on-demand training course to learn how to set up a new Pardot user. 

Skip to 8:00 for the demo.
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Course overview

Be the best marketer

Equip yourself with the skills to navigate the marketing automation world like a pro!

Work towards a Salesforce-accredited certification with our experts. Expand your skillset and opens endless opportunities for your career.

“The agency offered us a bespoke workshop tailored to our requirements and business needs. In addition, Tom offered his expert advice and knowledge on how best we should use the system and provided us with relevant materials to refer to. I would highly recommend using this agency for any Pardot support.”

Sarika, Senior CRM Analyst at Efficio

Pardot On-Demand Training

Meet your Pardot teachers

Karen Kalejaiye

MarCloud's Head of Pardot
Karen likes tapping into her right and left brains equally, and marketing automation serves perfectly in exercising both the creative and the analytical! With over eight years in the marketing automation space, she’s very thorough in strategy, troubleshooting, and tailoring systems to support business needs and goals.

Tom Ryan

MarCloud's Founder & CEO
Tom founded MarCloud and is a Salesforce-certified Pardot and Marketing Cloud consultant with several years of experience in this space, as well as having B2B marketing client-side and agency experience.

James Haney

MarCloud's Head of Client Services
James has delivered many projects in the martech space and has worked closely with some huge clients over the years. He enjoys the challenge of working with large-scale operations to optimise their tech stack, but also loves to get smaller businesses up to speed, giving them the best start in their automation journey. 

Jonathan Chowdhury

MarCloud's Lead Consultant
Jon has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, and Pardot for nearly 10 years across the B2B, charity and education sectors. He's passionate about creating marketing solutions that exceed expectations and strives to bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams to ensure relationships and solutions are always successful.

Carl Mortimer

MarCloud's Senior Lead Consultant
Carl spent 8 years in sales before moving across to consulting in the martech space with Pardot and Marketing Cloud. With this first-hand experience, he's able to produce solutions with the full lead to revenue cycle in mind. 

What's included?

  • 10 pitstops
  • 10 quizzes
  • 5 experienced teachers
  • 1 MarCloud seal of approval

Get Pardot Specialist certified

By the end of this 10-week course you will be well equipped to pass the Pardot Specialist exam. 

Join a Pardot community

Our on-demand training course won't just teach you all things Pardot. You're also joining a community of peers who you can connect with.

13 weeks of unlimited access

You'll have access to all training material, the community and live Q&A sessions for 13 weeks.

Our Pitstops

Complete the Pardot On-Demand course in 10 game-changing pitstops.

Know One's Way Around
Pardot Dashboard / Marketing Calendar / Pardot Tabs / Features / Building Excercise (Homework)
Life of a Pardot Admin
Salesforce & Pardot / Syncing Technical Setup / Account Settings & Sync Errors / Raise a Support Case / User set up / Custom fields object sync
The Life of a Campaign Manager
Folders / Connected Campaigns / Campaign Hierarchy / List Management / Building Excercise (Homework)
The Life of an Email Marketer
Email Best Practices / Building Emails in Classic / Lightning Email Builder / Building Exercise (Homework)
The Life of a Campaign Manager pt.2
Custom redirect links / Page Actions / Social Connectors 
Becoming a Lead Gen Specialist
Forms Vs Form Handlers / Landing Pages in Classic / Landing Pages Lightining Builder / Building Exercise (Homework)
The Life of a Marketing Operations Manager
Scoring / Grading / Lead Qualification (MQL) / Lead Assignment / Case study (Homework) 
The Life of a Marketing Operations Manager pt 2
Pardot Automations / Engagement Studio / Building Exercise (Homework) 
Introduction to Sales Cloud for Marketers
B2B Analytics / Introduction to custom dashboard UI and tools / Build a lens / Setup of notifications, sharing, collaboration / Building Exercise (Homework) 
Pardot Accreditation
Pardot Specialist Exam / Pardot Consultant Exam / Revision Tips / Exam Guideline / MarCloud Support Group / Building Exercise (Homework)